What Is Yada?

Yada is a conversational AI platform for Short Term & Vacation rental hosts and property managers, and of course Hotels. Yada automates 60-70% of repetitive guest conversations and functions as an intelligent, adaptable copilot for your guest messaging efforts.

Yada also puts all of your guest messaging channels in one, unified inbox, and provides extensive guest CRM and AI powered marketing Capabilities.

Chatbots & AI

AI is in yada's DNA and is the backbone of everything we do. Our conversational AI is powered by an LLM (large language model) and is trained on millions millions of conversations related to the accommodations space in order to deliver unparalleled reliability and accuracy.

Each of your listings gets its own bot. And you can add tons of additional bots into channels like the chat widget, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

Listing bots are 100% connected to all Property Management System channels like AirBnB, VRBO, and Booking.com

You can live preview bots and their responses in yada before you turn them on to engage with guests.

Want to see how to set up a bot in under 2 minutes? Click Here!

Property Management System Integrations

Yada integrates with many of the top property management systems. Integration takes under five minutes. Once yada is integrated with a PMS it van start building bots based on your listings and previous conversations and any additional knowledge base data that you have.

Here's a list of some of our PMS integrations

  • Guesty

  • Mews

  • Hostaway

  • Tokeet

  • Lodgify

  • Track (Coming Soon)

Here's a video showing how easy it is to add AI to your listings. Click to view

Chat Widget

Yada offers a free direct booking site chat widget to help driver conversions through conversations! And of course, you get to add AI to it as well.

Connect all your channels

Yada gives you powerful tools to connect all your external messaging channels into one, intelligent, AI powered inbox. Here's a list of our external channels.

  • WhatsApp

  • Instagram

  • Facebook Messenger

  • SMS

  • Gmail

  • Telegram


The best way to get started with yada is to create an account, add a chat widget to your direct booking site, connect with one of our available property management systems, and train and create some bots!

Creating an account

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