Documentation and documentation on how to integrate Yada with Hostfully

Before you get started

This step is imperative - the integration cannot proceed without this

Please head over to hostfullys integrations page

The search and find "Yada"

And then in the integration settings, make sure that every property is "On"

Integrating Hostfully with Yada

Thankfully, integrating Hostfully with Yada is very straightforward.

You'll need two things:

  1. Hostfully account

  2. Yada account

If you don't already have a yada account, please head over to to sign up and get started.

Step 1

First, you'll want to head over to the integerations page: integrations

Step 2

Then, you're going to click the Integrate button

This is going to redirect you to hostfully, where you'll have to log in if you're not already logged into that platform.

Step 3

Authorize the Hostfully <> Yada Integration

This is going to take a few seconds. Whatever you do - do not navigate away from this page

Here's what's happening in the background.

  • Yada is retrieving the auth tokens which are needed for the integration

  • Yada is setting up a webhook to react to new and incoming messages

  • Yada is importing your listings into the content management system. This is important because the yada listing is where you'll manage the AI's data and background knowledge.

Once this processes is done (usually around 5-10 seconds), you'll get a screen that looks like this:

Step 4

Navigate to the listings page


Step 5

Once your listings have been imported, you can start adding content, training the AI, and turning on the auto-responder. Further tutorials for that can be found here in the documents.

From time to time it may be necessary to repair your Hostaway integration. If the system is unable to communicate with the Hostaway API, you will be notified and the Hostaway integration page will prompt you to reset the integration token.

Not that this will not re-import your listings or anything else, it'll just refresh the authentication tokens so that yada can successfully communicate with the Hostaway API.

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