Buy Time


  • When a customer inquiry isn't addressed by a live agent within a set timeframe, the module automatically triggers. This can be done independently of the respondingActive status for a listing, meaning you can run Buy Time without having autoresponding on.

  • It identifies keywords or phrases from the customer's message.

  • Based on these keywords, the module searches your knowledge base for relevant articles or FAQs.

  • It then sends the customer to the relevant guidebook link.


  • Improved customer experience: Customers receive immediate assistance even outside of agent availability hours. This reduces frustration and waiting times.

  • Increased self-service: Customers can find solutions to common problems on their own, reducing the burden on live agents.

  • Enhanced agent productivity: By deflecting simple inquiries, agents are freed up to handle more complex issues.

  • Consistency in information: Knowledge base articles ensure consistent and accurate information is delivered to all customers.

  • 24/7 availability: Customers can access help whenever they need it, regardless of the time zone or agent availability.


  • You can configure the module to provide relevant knowledge base articles even when a live agent is available. This can empower customers to find additional resources while they wait for or chat with an agent.

  • Track and analyze the usage data of the module to identify knowledge gaps and improve the content of your knowledge base.

Operational Rules

If a guest sends a message, and Buy Time hasn't been activated in the last 45 minutes, a message will be sent to the guest including the guidebook link and a deflection note.

Buy time messages get sent 10 minutes after the incoming guest message. If a live agent responds during this buy time window, the buy time message gets cancelled.

Buy Time can work With or without auto responding active.

With Auto Respond Active

If the AI is unable to generate a satisfactory response, Buy Time gets triggered.

Without Auto Respond Active

If autorespond is innactive, Buy Time will still send the message after a 10 minute delay, provided an agent hasn't already responded and provided that it's outside of the 45 minute window of the previous buy time event.

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