Basic Knowledge Base Template

When yada imports listings from your PMS, lots of information gets pulled in. Information from previous conversations, saved replies, custom fields, and more.

Copy and Paste the contents of the code block below to get started with a basic knowledge base (you will need to add your own data though)

#PASTE HERE - Any guidebook information you have. Can be copy and pasted from a PDF, Online Gidebook, or text guidebook.

Listing Description
# PASTE HERE - Anythiing you've got on your AirBnB / OTA listings which might be useful and relevant.

Getting There
# Detailed instructions on how to get inside the rental.

# Detailed instructions on how to park (if parking is offered). If not, state that parking is not offered.

Getting Inside
# Detailed instructions on how to get inside.

Check In & Check Out Times
# Information about check in and check out times

Luggage Dropoff
# Brief instructions on what guests should do if they're there early and would like to drop off their luggage

Pet Policy
# Brief ouline of the pet policy

The knowledge base above should provide a good starting point for the AI

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