🛠️Quick Start

What Is Yada?Creating an account

1 - Create an Account

If you’re on this page, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve already created a yada account. If not, then you’re just like us and read the user manual before you do anything else 🥹

Creating a yada account is really easy. Just head over to https://app.yada.ai/signup

All you’re going to need is your email address

2 - Connect to your Property Management System

Once you’ve added the chat widget, you should integrate yada with your property management system! This will allow yada to sync listings, inboxes, and reservations. The more information yada has, the more questions it can answer and the more useful it will be.

If your PMS isn’t available yet, let us know! We are rolling out property management system integrations very quickly and we’ll send you a message as soon as it’s deployed

Here’s how to integrate yada with your PMS

  1. Head over to Power Ups

  2. Find your property management system.

  3. Usually you’ll need to log into your PMS through yada, or copy an API key from your PMS and paste it into yada.

  4. Once you’ve either logged in or copied the API key, the integration will begin.

  5. Here’s what gets copied

    1. Listings

    2. Stays

    3. Contacts

    4. Conversations

  6. Here’s whats happening in the background

    1. Yada analyzes conversations to find answers to hundreds of guest questions.

    2. It starts preparing suggested marketing campaigns for your existing guests and contacts

    3. Populates missing listing information inside of yada with information found in conversations

3 - Add the chat widget

4 - Add listings (optional)

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