Full Tutorial on integrating Yada with Guesty

Getting Started

Integrating Guesty with Yada is a very easy process. All you’ll need is your API key from the Guesty marketplace! The integration process takes place in the background and usually takes only a few seconds.

Obtaining an API key

To start integrating Guesty with Yada you’ll need to copy your Guesty API key.

Here’s how you get it.

1 - Head over to the guesty marketplace tab

2 - Search for Yada

3 - Copy the API Key (now it's called the integration token)

Connecting Guesty with Yada

Once you’ve copied your API key, connecting the two platforms takes only a few seconds.

  1. On the left menu, find the section that says Power Ups

  2. Once you’re in Power Ups click on the card for Guesty.

  3. Copy the api key into the provided field and click connect

Here’s what happens in the background

  1. Yada starts a two way sync between Yada and Guesty

  2. Your Guesty listings and corresponding information get copied into yada.

  3. The AI gets to work anonymizing and analyzing conversations in the background to extract answers to as many questions as possible.

  4. You can start using this integration immediately, even while the AI is doing its thing in the background. We’ll go over that in the next section.

Using the Guesty <> Yada Integration

Once yada has been connected to guesty, you only really have to do one more thing. Turn auto responding on / off for your listings!

Head over to the listings page -

And use the toggle switch for your listings to turn auto responding on or off.

Adding the yada chat widget to your Guesty direct booking site

One of the most powerful features of yada is it’s chat widget! This allows you to message back and forth with guests directly from your booking site, and create reservations & bookings in guesty directly from these chats.

Here’s how you add the yada chat widget to your Guesty direct booking site.

1 - Copy the chat widget code snippet from yada

Go to Settings & Billing → Chat Widget.

Once you’re on this page, you’ll see the code snippet (unique to you). Copy this code snippet.

2 - Paste this code snippet into your Guesty direct booking site

Head over to guesty. Go to integrations → distribution → Guesty Websites

Once you’re here, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see a section called custom snippets - advanced usage

Paste the yada code snippet into here

Once you’ve done this, save the changes, and head over to your direct booking site to see the live chat widget! If it doesn’t show up immediately, you’ll need to clear your cache and once this is done it’ll show up. Your guests and site visitors, however, should be able to see it immediately.

Here’s what it looks like for guests 😄

From time to time it may be necessary to repair your Hostaway integration. If the system is unable to communicate with the Hostaway API, you will be notified and the Hostaway integration page will prompt you to reset the integration token.

Not that this will not re-import your listings or anything else, it'll just refresh the authentication tokens so that yada can successfully communicate with the Hostaway API.

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