Full Tutorial on how to integrate Yada with Hostaway

Getting Started

Integrating Hostaway with Yada is a very easy process. All you’ll need is your API key from the Hostaway marketplace! The integration process takes place in the background and usually takes only a few seconds.

Obtaining an API key

To start integrating Hostaway with Yada you’ll need to copy your Hostaway API key.

Here’s how you get it.

  1. Head to settings

  2. Enter the Hostaway API tab in Settings

  3. Create new API key and choose a name

  4. Copy the Account ID

  5. Copy the API Key

Integrating Hostaway with Yada

In yada, go to the powerups page and click on the hostaway card

Once in on the hostaway page, past the Account ID and the token which you got in the previous steps. Make sure that you past the ID and the token in the right place or the integration will not work and will not go through.

If this has gone through correctly, the integration process will continue in the background. Listings, conversations, and some additional data will be copied into yada.

You should now head to the listings section of the yada app to activate the AI

From time to time it may be necessary to repair your Hostaway integration. If the system is unable to communicate with the Hostaway API, you will be notified and the Hostaway integration page will prompt you to reset the integration token.

Not that this will not re-import your listings or anything else, it'll just refresh the authentication tokens so that yada can successfully communicate with the Hostaway API.

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