Connecting Yada with Tokeet

Integrating Yada with Tokeet is a quick one step process which will connect the two accounts and start listening to the required webhooks in order to be able to automatically respond to guest messages and take actions based on conversations that happen through any of your other channels.

Most of the integration is completely automatic - meaning that once you've integrated the two platforms you don't need to do anything when it comes to integration management.

Step 1 - Logging in to Tokeet through Yada

The first thing you need to do is to log in to Tokeet through yada.

This can be done as follows → Powerups → Tokeet → Integrate

This will open the tokeet login page in another tab. Just log in on this page with your tokeet credentials and the process will continue automatically in the background

Step 2 - Copying Tokeet listings to yada

Listings are where the AI pulls information from. Therefore, your Tokeet listings get automatically copied over to yada when you integrate. Yada also pulls a few of your latest & active conversations in order to start assembling a dataset for your instance of the AI.

Activating AI responding for listings

Once yada has been connected to tokeet, you only really have to do one more thing. Turn auto responding on / off for your listings!

Head over to the listings page -

And use the toggle switch for your listings to turn auto responding on or off. A listing must be active before you can turn responding on or off

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